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Keep kids safe • Support working families • Inspire learning

Oregon Statewide Network

OregonASK is a collaboration of public and private organizations and community members which seek to address common issues and concerns across all out-of-school time services – child care, recreation, education and youth development.

As the statewide network, OregonASK works to coordinate and lead efforts throughout the state, including:

  • Promotion of quality out-of-school time activities
  • Education of legislators regarding affordability, accessibility, safety, and quality
  • Advocacy for resources
  • Outreach to the private sector
  • Encouragement of true collaborative partnerships

Mission: To support, expand and advocate for quality out-of-school time programs and activities for children, youth, and families throughout Oregon.

Vision: All Oregon children, youth and families will have access to quality out-of-school time options within their communities. All services will enhance children's positive development, and future opportunities while keeping them safe from harm. All programs, services and activities will be of high quality and contribute to strong communities and schools.


  • Develop, gather and share resources, including information and technical assistance, which support and sustain high quality out-of-school time programs.
  • Promote professional development, program standards, child/youth outcomes, best practices, and program evaluation.
  • Affect policy and public will at both state and local levels.
  • Communicate effectively with and provide meaningful ways of involvement for partners, stakeholders, consumers, beneficiaries and champions.

 To find out more about the work OregonASK is doing and our national affiliations, click here.